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    The five tools you need to manage your work environment

    The coronavirus crisis has changed almost every aspect of our daily lives, and the way we work has experienced one of the most radical changes. While the whole world is working to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the great challenge faced by companies has been to move their employees to a remote work model at unprecedented speeds, while also ensuring that this transition was done safely.

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    Cybersecurity and control with Panda Fusion 360

    Many organizations have been forced to rethink how they are going to continue to be productive since they were forced by the current COVID-19 pandemic to implement remote work. In light of this situation, it seems very likely that many companies will continue to work remotely even when the pandemic is over, given the advantages it can offer both employees and the company itself.

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    Top 5 Social Engineering Techniques and How to Prevent Them

    Social engineering is an attempt by attackers to fool or manipulate humans into giving up access, credentials, banking details, or other sensitive information.

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    How to Manage Your Employees’ Devices When Remote Work Has Become the New Norm

    Across the world, companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, and yes, Beyond Security, have asked their employees to work from home in response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

    As employees move from on-premises offices to their homes, businesses will be faced with the challenge of managing and securing both company-owned and employee-owned devices as they access company resources from outside the network perimeter.

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    Cisco ASA, FirePOWER, ACI, Public Cloud and Kubernetes: End-to-End Policy Management

    Cisco® is one of the longtime leaders in enterprise networking and one of the most trusted names in IT. Many of today’s largest, most sophisticated datacenters are built with its market-leading solutions, which include firewalls, switches, routers, Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI™) SDN platform, and other innovative Nextgen technologies such as Viptela® and Tetration Analytics™.

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    Cyberattacks exploiting COVID-19

    The disease COVID-19 is being used as a hook for malicious social engineering campaigns, including spam, malware, ransomware and malicious domains. As the number of cases continues to grow by thousands, the campaigns that use the disease as a lure are also on the up. Panda researchers constantly search for samples in malicious coronavirus-related campaigns.

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    30 years of cyberattacks: from Barrotes to WannaCry

    Сyberattacks are continually evolving. With the Internet now an everyday tool in our lives, they have become something of a constant, and have increased both in frequency and sophistication. Because of this, they have a huge global impact on economies, national security, elections, data theft, and personal and company privacy. Cyberattacks have become an extremely common way to commit fraudulent activities. A World Economic Forum report shows that 76.1% of experts expect infrastructure hacking to increase, while 75% believe that cyberattacks seeking money or data will increase.

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    Coronavirus and geotracking: privacy concerns

    The coronavirus outbreak is currently overtaking parts of Europe and North America with full force, with Italy officially having more coronavirus-related deaths than China. During the global coronavirus crisis, multiple high-tech solutions are set in place to help humanity battle the virus. The whole world is coming to a standstill as governments, sometimes using force, are encouraging people to remain home. Social-distancing would not have been possible if people did not have access to advanced technologies.

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    Tufin SecureCloud Enables Companies to Secure Hybrid Cloud Environments Without Compromising Business Speed or Agility

    Tufin is the First and Only Company to Provide Unified Security Policy Management for the Hybrid Cloud

    Tufin, a company pioneering a policy-centric approach to security and IT operations, today announced the availability of Tufin SecureCloud™, a security policy automation service for enterprises needing to gain visibility and control of the security posture of their cloud-native and hybrid cloud environments. SecureCloud, built from the ground up and optimized for the cloud, is a major new addition to the Tufin Orchestration Suite – establishing Tufin as the first and only vendor to unify security policy management across on-premises, cloud-native, and hybrid clouds.