• 18062020 News
    The Exabeam 2020 State of the SOC Report

    The Exabeam 2020 State of the SOC Report is based on the results of a May 2020 survey of security professionals from the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and Germany who are involved in the management of security operations centers (SOC) across CISO, CIO, management, and analyst roles.

  • 17062020 News
    DDoS Protection and DNS over HTTPS solutions win at Interop Tokyo

    A10 Networks received a Runner-up Prize under the Security category for the latest version of its A10 Thunder® Threat Protection System (TPS) Virtual, and a Special Prize in the Network Infrastructure category for the A10 Thunder Convergent Firewall (CFW) DNS over HTTPS (DoH) solution at the Interop Tokyo 2020 “Best of Show Awards” held online from April 13. A full list of award winners can be found on the show’s website.

  • 22052020 News
    What You Need to Know About DDoS Weapons Used in DDoS Attacks

    A DDoS attack can bring down almost any website or online service. The premise is simple: using an infected botnet to target and overwhelm vulnerable servers with massive traffic. Twenty years after its introduction, DDoS remains as effective as ever—and continues to grow in frequency, intensity, and sophistication. That makes DDoS protection a top cybersecurity priority for every organization. The first step: understanding the threat you face.

  • 14052020 News
    Infinidat Sets a New Standard for Enterprise Storage in Container Environments

    Infinidat, the market’s leading provider of multi-petabyte data storage solutions, today announced the general availability of its Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver for Kubernetes and other CNCF-compliant containers environments. The new InfiniBox CSI Driver helps users of reliable, fast InfiniBox storage systems efficiently manage their storage within container platforms that support the CSI standard. The InfiniBox CSI Driver is a direct result of customer demand to bring the automation and ease of use of InfiniBox to DevOps practices, and demonstrates Infinidat’s continued commitment to the Kubernetes ecosystem, as validated in the recent GigaOm Radar for Data Storage for Kubernetes.

  • 07052020 News
    Panda Security: EPP and EDR solutions certified by OPSWAT as Gold Anti-malware

    Panda Security has obtained the OPSWAT Gold certification in the anti-malware category thanks to its advanced EPP (Panda Endpoint Protection and Panda Endpoint Protection plus) and EDR (Panda Adaptive Defense 360) cybersecurity solutions.

  • 15042020 News
    NetScout Systems announces the addition of collaboration and conferencing tools to AIF-Sightline

    The ATLAS Intelligence Feed (AIF) is a subscription service that provides Arbor Sightline deployments dynamic updates to enhance network and traffic visibility, including threat intelligence, OTT delivery infrastructure and service identification.

  • 09042020 News
    NETSCOUT’S Cyber Threat Horizon Offers Free Real-time Visibility and Analysis of DDoS Attacks

    NETSCOUT, a leading provider of service assurance, security, and business analytics, today announced the public availability of Cyber Threat Horizon, a free threat intelligence portal that offers network and security operators greater visibility into Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in real-time. Cyber Threat Horizon collects, analyzes, prioritizes, and disseminates data on past and emerging DDoS threats across the internet. This macro view gives users contextual awareness of the DDoS attacks that could impact their organization and allows them to gain unique insights into DDoS attack trends to provide the situational awareness they need to assess risk and prepare for cyberattacks.

  • 08042020 News
    Tufin announced two programs designed to help our customers continue to offer the highest level of support in these extraordinary times

    Tufin announced two programs designed to help our customers continue to offer the highest level of support in these extraordinary times.

  • 30032020 News
    Temporary AED/APS Capacity Licenses to Address COVID-19 Driven Bandwidth Demand

    To assist existing Arbor Edge Defense (AED) and APS customers grappling with the impacts of COVID-19 on their network utilization and concerned about heightened DDoS exposure, NETSCOUT can now offer them a temporary increase in mitigation capacity via a modest subscription license with a 3-month minimum term. The customer simply loads the license key on their appliance to get an instant increase in protection.

  • 16032020 News
    Thales brings passwordless authentication to the enterprise

    Thales has announced the launch of its first Fast IDentity Online 2.0 (FIDO2) and Microsoft Azure AD tested authentication devices, offering passwordless access for cloud apps, network domains and all Azure AD-connected apps and services. This integration will enable organizations to move to the cloud securely and apply secure access across hybrid environments via an integrated access management and authentication offering.